With this tool, you can compare two portfolios composed of common index ETFs. The length of period can be adjusted from 1 to 35 years, and the average annualized rate of return for each portfolio is provided. In addition, plots are provided to show the history of annualized rates of return for each portolio for the period length, as well as normal probability distribution. This tool is a companion to the Index Goose Portfolio Simulator and uses the same historical data for ETF returns.

The portfolio comparison tool is an embedded Microsoft Excel workbook, running off OneDrive. Charts and output values will automatically update when gray shaded input cells are modified. No entered data is stored or tracked. Values reset to defaults when a user refreshes their browser or closes and re-opens this page. To save a simulation for future reference or printing, use a screen capture tool such as the Snipping Tool in Windows.

Depending on your screen resolution, you may need to adjust your zoom scale to see the full simulator at once. For best results, use the simulator on a full size computer screen.


Index Goose is presented as an informational resource and should not be construed as individualized investment advice, nor as a recommendation to buy or sell specific securities. The funds and portfolios discussed and simulated on the site are examples only and may not be appropriate for your individual circumstances.

While every effort is made to use accurate data and calculations, Kurt Friesen and indexgoose.com take no responsibility for any errors in data or calculations. If any error is found, use the contact form to report it so it can be corrected. Corrections and other updates will be tracked on the change log below.

Change Log – Portfolio Comparison Tool

v1.0 – February 9, 2022 – Initial Release using data through to end of 2021